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5 Ways to Boost Optometry Practice Profits in 2019 & Beyond

With demand for eye care rising around 4 percent each year (thanks, Baby Boomers!!!) there is plenty of opportunity for growth on the horizon. Here are five easy ways you can help grow your optometry practice and boost your profit potential in 2019 and beyond.

Get People Talking. Considering sending an automated “thank you” email to patients with links to your Google and Yelp business pages. Individuals reading reviews are typically right in the middle of making their purchase decision. And, on top of boosting your credibility, Google reviews also impact your local SEO rankings, helping expand your visibility at no cost to you.

Go Beyond the Numbers. A common belief in the industry says that to be successful, a doctor must see a large volume of patients per day. In practice, this practice is less, well, practical. When it comes to really building your business, focusing on QUALITY over pure quantity delivers long-term results with greater patient retention.

Improve Your One-On-Ones. As a healthcare professional you’ve got the doctor-side of things covered. But enhancing your face-to-face interactions can help build more meaningful relationships, opening the door to repeat business and a solid base of referrals. Here’s a quick article you might find of interest to help you put your patients more at ease.

Read Between the Lines. Take the time to uncover a more in-depth history regarding why your patient is there to see you. Frequently, the root cause goes way beyond a prescription update. Contact lens dropout, ocular allergy, and dry eye are all simple to recognize. Practicing to the fullest scope of your license can lead to additional income potential, while also helping make a significant impact on your patients’ quality of life.

Get Click Optical & Kick Your Contact Lens Sales into Overdrive. A staggering 77 percent of patients choose to fill their prescriptions at Big Box or online retailers. This statistic coupled with market size ($3.4 billion in online contact sales) equals millions of potential dollars for ECPs across the country left on the table.

Click Optical has been designed specifically to help eye care professionals like you capture more of this revenue potential while preserving your ability to keep 100 percent of in-house sales. Just TWO extra contact lens sales per day through Click Optical can deliver $1,000 per month in additional revenue –– deposited straight into your practice bank account!

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