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Seamless Contact Lens Sales Automation

Designed to Help You Easily Recapture Revenue Potential

Click Optical integrates seamlessly with your practice management system to identify contact lens sales opportunities the moment your patient’s prescription is entered.

  • Step 1

    When patients are prescribed –– but do not purchase in your office –– Click Optical reaches out to them with a link to their prescription and directs them to our customer order and support site,

    • First contact is made on behalf of your practice, which reinforces your relationship with your patient
    • You still keep 100% of all in-office sales
    • 100% HIPAA compliant
  • Step 2

    Once a patient places a contact lens purchase on our platform, their prescription is automatically imported for fulfillment.

    • Your prescription is followed accurately
    • Your patients’ ordering process is simplified
    • ZERO practice resources are required to verify prescriptions
  • Step 3

    You receive credit and profit for your sale!

    We mail a check to your practice every month!

Everyone wins!

Our most frequently asked questions.

How Much Does it Cost?

Click Optical does not charge any activation, subscription, or annual fees. Click Optical only makes money when your practice makes money.

What is the Commitment?

Click Optical does not require any contracts or commitments from your practice. Cancel any time with 30-day notice.

How Much Staff Training is Involved?

Click Optical seamlessly integrates with your existing EHR/Practice Management System to target patients that leave your practice without purchasing their prescription. Click Optical requires no additional work or data entry from you or your staff.

Will I Lose My In-Practice Business?

Absolutely not. Click Optical is not interested in cannibalizing your in-office sales. We only target patients that are walking out your door.

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Streamline your contact lens sales and recapture lost revenue with the eye care industry's only no-cost, ECP-focused contact lens sales solution.

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