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Free Money: Independent Doctors of Optometry can Earn No-Cost Revenue

Independent doctors of optometry know that beyond serving patients with their eye-care needs, they are also running a business. If they have any kind of retail presence, they want to generate revenue to keep their practices thriving.

These Eye Care Professionals can add to their revenue stream by soliciting new patients through paid means, such as advertising, mailers and sponsored social media posts. But what if there were ways to attract new business, which means more revenue, at no cost? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Not really.

Several no-cost revenue generation methods are available to independent doctors of optometry.

One, of course, is simply asking for satisfied patients to leave reviews on community sites such as Yelp and Google business listings. If the practice utilizes touchscreen sign-in devices such as an iPad, it is a good idea to consider adding an easy-to-fill-out exit form that collects patients’ comments, which can then be posted to the practice website and social channels.

Social Media Marketing

Another is unpaid social media campaigns. All types of medical practices have found success in relating patient testimonials on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. An especially effective unpaid social media method is asking loyal customers to explain their cases and how the doctor’s treatment plan worked out for them. Do a series of these testimonial posts, using video and photography, and the public will get the idea that this doctor provides quality care and is a vital part of the community.

Another free way to make money takes aim at recovering revenue that a doctor of optometry’s practice once considered lost forever: Patients who decide to purchase their contact lenses at a third-party online or big-box retailer.

Studies show that only 23% of patients fill their contact-lens prescriptions at their eye doctor’s office. That means more than three-quarters of patients go elsewhere, which means their dollars go elsewhere. Not only that, but when patients place their order elsewhere, the office staff is must be tasked with handling the verifications required by phone or fax.

Click Optical has come up with a way for independent doctors of optometry to achieve revenue from contact-lens sales while delivering the online experience to patients – all at absolutely no cost to the practice.

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It’s simple. Click Optical integrates seamlessly with existing practice management systems to identify contact lens sales opportunities the moment a patient’s prescription is entered.

When patients are prescribed –– but do not purchase in the eye doctor’s office –– Click Optical reaches out to them via email with a link to their prescription and directs them to its customer order and support site, The patient completes the order, and voila! Their contacts are on their way to their door. Meanwhile, the practice’s piece of the revenue generated from the sale is deposited directly into its bank account.

Best of all, the practice keeps 100 percent of all in-house sales.

Again, making use of Click Optical’s revenue boost is completely free to eye care practices. There are zero set-up fees and zero monthly charges. In addition, there are zero changes required in operations and absolutely no staff training is needed. Meanwhile, the staff doesn’t have to deal with chasing down more contact lens sales or verifying prescriptions for orders placed elsewhere, freeing them up for more patient-care tasks.

Contact-lens sales generates $3.4 billion each year. With just 23% of patients filling their prescriptions in house, independent doctors of optometry see $2.6 billion walk out the door immediately after their exams. Partnering with Click Optical provides a path for some of that money to come walking back right in.

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