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Supercharge Your Contact Lens Revenue with Click Optical & and MyVisionExpress

Click Optical brings revenue back to your practice, without any fees or office workflow changes.

Did you know 77 percent of patients choose to fill their contact lens prescriptions at a big box or online retailer…instead of from you––their TRUSTED Eye Care Professional?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Click Optical focuses exclusively on helping ECPs streamline their contact lens sales, opening the door to reclaiming patients, reducing the headaches caused by constant prescription verifications, and recapturing lost revenue.

Getting Click Optical is Quick, Easy, and FREE… Forever.

Click Optical works seamlessly with Crystal PM to supercharge your contact lens sales with:

  • ZERO set-up fees or monthly charges
  • ZERO changes to your operations
  • ZERO staff training


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Practice Success Stories

Practices without Click Optical are missing out. Before Click Optical I would lose sales when patients left my practice without purchasing their contacts, choosing to purchase them online instead. Now, my patients receive better care and we have an improved bottom line.


Get Started Earning More Revenue in Three Easy Steps:

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Whether you’re local or cloud hosted, we can integrate with you system so you can start earning profit on your walk outs.

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Receive your share of revenue each and every month from online sales… while still keeping 100% of all in-office sales.

Click Optical helps ECPs across the nation…

…increase their capture rates

A practice in South Carolina increased their overall contact lens capture rate from 44% to 76% with no additional work from their staff. In addition, the staff resources spent chasing down refills and lost contact business can now be spent on more profitable portions of the practice.

…quiet their phones & faxes

A practice in Indiana cut their confirmation calls and faxes in half by using Click Optical. A quieter practice allows the staff to focus on patients and provide a more efficient and enjoyable experience.

…improve their bottom lines

Once they saw how profitable Click Optical is for contact lens sales, a practice in Arizona has pushed all of their non-insurance business over to the citing increased overall profitability for their practice.

Stop Losing Contact Lens Business to Online Retailers

Click Optical

Streamline your contact lens sales and recapture lost revenue with the eye care industry's only no-cost, ECP-focused contact lens sales solution.

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