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Smart Contact Lenses – The Technology is Now

Since contact lenses were first widely implemented in the early 20th century, the industry has been marked by several innovations. The earliest contact lenses were heavy and cut out of glass on a lathe. Over time, contact lenses Read More →



Optical Market Trends – Contact Lens & Online Sales on the Rise

Contact Lens Increase, Online Sales Top Current Optical Market Trends According to optical market trends, contact lenses are becoming more and more popular among Americans, even though all sectors of the optical market achieved growth in 2017 (the Read More →



Optometry Marketing Ideas for 2019

Click Play to listen to the Optometry Marketing Ideas for 2019 Audio Blog Optometry marketing is crucial if a practice wishes to expand its patient base and enhance its revenue stream. While many optometrists – especially those with Read More →



5 Ways to Boost Optometry Practice Profits in 2019 & Beyond

With demand for eye care rising around 4 percent each year (thanks, Baby Boomers!!!) there is plenty of opportunity for growth on the horizon. Here are five easy ways you can help grow your optometry practice and boost Read More →


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