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Reclaim Patients. Reduce Verifications. Recapture Revenue.

Finally… a contact lens revenue solution designed exclusively for ECPs…

Imagine this… You and your staff provide your patient a prescription for contacts that you know are best for them. Instead of purchasing their contact lenses from their trusted eye care professional, they leave.

Does this sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. 77% of all patients choose to fill their prescription with a big box or online retailer.

Click Optical completely changes the equation, delivering more sales, more time, and more patient satisfaction.

Why Click Optical?

We Deliver Real Results…

  • Cut confirmation calls and faxes by up to 50%, freeing up staff to concentrate on patient care
  • Recapture lost contact lens business — not just refills, but all business
  • Just 2 contact lens orders per day could deliver up to $1,000 extra dollars of profit to your practice –– dollars you can use to help grow your business

It’s Easy…

  • Works seamlessly with your eye care practice management system to identify contact lens sales opportunities
  • Your patients enjoy 1-click ordering to exactly what you’ve prescribed, increasing patient satisfaction
  • 100% HIPAA compliant

There’s No Cost to You…

  • ZERO set-up fees
  • ZERO monthly charges
  • ZERO staff training required

Leave your eye care practice without purchasing their annual supply of contact lenses from you, their trusted eye care provider.

Online Sales

Online contact lens sales are a billion-dollar industry. Isn’t it time you’re compensated for writing your prescriptions?

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Streamline your contact lens sales and recapture lost revenue with the eye care industry's only no-cost, ECP-focused contact lens sales solution.

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